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‘Breaking Bad’ actor says Americans should ‘STFU’ about gas prices


‘Breaking Bad’ actor says Americans should ‘STFU’ about gas prices

The national average for a gallon of gas sits at more than $4.98

People who complain about rising gas prices in the United States have been scolded by actor Dean Norris.

“Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston called current gas prices “fair market” and asked anyone who “love[s] Capitalism” to “STFU,” which stands for “shut the f—- up.”

“You’re not getting ‘robbed’ at the pump,” Norris wrote in a tweet on Wednesday. “You’re paying a fair market price for a commodity. If you love Capitalism so much then STFU.”

As of Sunday morning, the tweet has received over 7,200 retweets and 66,000 likes. Some people reacted with anger to the tweet, pointing out that Norris is well-off.

“Easy to say when you have a net worth of 5 mils” one person commented. Norris’ social media statement comes at a time when petrol prices in the United States are at all-time highs.

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of gas is more than $4.98. Norris lives in California, where gas is the most costly, costing over $6.40 per gallon on average.

Georgia has the cheapest gas in the US, with an average price of $4.48 per gallon for residents of the Peach State, according to Fox News.

The national average was $3.70 a year ago, according to AAA. Prior to this year, the highest national average gas price recorded by AAA was $4.114 per gallon in July 2008.

In letters written last week to seven refinery operators, President Joe Biden accused oil refiners of driving up gas prices, including ExxonMobil and BP.

“The sharp rise in gasoline prices is not driven only by rising oil prices, but by an unprecedented disconnect between the price of oil and the price of gas,” the president’s letters read.

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