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Chrissy Teigen’s bathroom is in the most unexpected color: ‘comforting space such as a pretty pastel bedroom’


Chrissy Teigen’s bathroom is in the most unexpected color: ‘comforting space such as a pretty pastel bedroom’

What happens when design powerhouse Jake Arnold teams up with LA fashion diva Chrissy Teigen? You receive the year’s most stylish collaboration.

For those who are unfamiliar, Jake is the British-born, now the Californian interior designer of Chrissy Teigen’s house, where she resides with her husband, Grammy-winning singer John Legend. He revealed a look into the couple’s chic house in late 2020, including their living room, which is packed with rust-colored soft furniture and an abundance of marble.

While it may have been difficult to beat this neutral space, Jake’s most recent article has done just that. Jake Arnold shows you how to turn pink bathroom concepts into a stunning reality that will last long after the Barbiecore trend fades by sharing a photo of Chrissy and John’s bathroom.

‘Pretty in pink,’ Jake commented as he shared the shot, and we have to agree. The dusty rose bathroom is noteworthy in and of itself since it exemplifies how to combine a bold hue without overwhelming your area.

The designer highlights the rather ‘drained’ pink with metallic accents, such as the gold-fringed mirror and faucet.

The statement marble sink, which pulls on the similarly-toned marble floor ideas to make it look as if the material is flowing throughout the room, is perhaps the most stunning element in the space.

This marble seamlessly blends with the pink walls, creating a blushing, radiant atmosphere that is as luxurious as it is beautiful – and undeniably comforting. After all, this is Chrissy Teigen’s bathroom.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s bathroom is a masterclass in pink room ideas, courtesy of one of the most talked-about designers of the moment, but the hue works so beautifully in this space that it’s no surprise.

According to Clara Ewart, Head of Design at Kitesgrove(opens in new tab), pink is the ideal hue for a bathroom because, despite its brightness, it is relaxing enough to work in your home’s most intimate room.

‘Pink and purple are warm, inviting shades used to create timeless interiors. Shades can vary hugely from blush to electric pink and lavender to deep violet,’ Clara says.

‘The varying tones can be used to make a strong impact through bold accessories or as a backdrop for a warm, comforting space such as a pretty pastel bedroom.’

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