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Michelle Obama’s Controversial Wedding Attires unveiled in Unearthed Photo

Michelle Obama Wedding attire


Michelle Obama’s Controversial Wedding Attires unveiled in Unearthed Photo

In 2022, the couple will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.

Take a peek at Michelle Obama’s bridal party in an unearthed photo from her 1992 wedding day with Barack Obama to see how she broke with tradition.

Rather than opting for a pastel or dramatic color for her bridesmaids, which included Barack’s sisters Maya and Auma, the former First Lady of the United States chose stunning black dresses. They wore Bardot necklines and puff sleeves, and, like the bride, matched them with drop earrings.

While several celebrity brides have chosen striking black gowns, the color has always been linked with funerals and grief, so it is still a shocking choice for any wedding guest.

As per Hello Magazine, Michelle kept her bridal appearance conventional with an all-white ensemble but went against the grain for her maids. With her hair combed back, huge earrings, and a splash of red lipstick, she looked stunning.
Her gorgeous gown featured a Bardot neckline and long sleeves in a pristine white color that matched her veil and white rose floral bouquet.

When the pair met in 1989, Michelle was a young associate at a Chicago law firm. Michelle and Barack married on October 3, 1992, at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, after dating for three years and hosting their wedding reception at the South Shore Cultural Centre.

Photo: Rex

Michelle told ABC News about her surprise proposal: “We were at a restaurant having dinner to celebrate the fact that he had finished the bar.

“And that was supposedly the reason. And then the waiter came over with the dessert and a tray. And there was the ring. And I was completely shocked.”

The couple will celebrate 30 years of marriage in 2022, which is a significant year for them. Michelle, on the other hand, is always a realist and speaks openly about their relationship.

During an episode of The Michelle Obama Podcast, she said: “There’s no magic way to make [marriage] happen except getting the basics of finding somebody, being honest about wanting to be with them, to date them seriously, to plan on making a commitment, to date them, seeing where it goes, and then making it happen.”

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