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‘Ellen’ star Sophia Grace Brownlee pregnant: “everything was fine”


‘Ellen’ star Sophia Grace Brownlee pregnant: “everything was fine”

Sophia Grace Brownlee, the influencer who first appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when she was 9 years old in 2011, announced her pregnancy on Saturday.

Brownlee, 19, announced and discussed her pregnancy in a YouTube vlog, admitting that she expected some of her fans to be “very shocked” to learn that she had “four months left to go” in her pregnancy journey.

“I am here to tell you guys that I am pregnant,” Brownlee said in the nearly eight-minute clip. “So I am 21 weeks today, and the reason why I left it so long is that I always want to make sure that everything’s excellent and that everything’s safe.”

The influencer revealed in the clip that “everything was fine” following her recent 20-week ultrasound, and that she too was “shocked when I first found out” about her pregnancy.

“I got used to it now, and I’m super happy about it. And I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys and definitely have a lot of different content from what I usually have,” Sophia told her fans.

Brownlee was “very, very sick for a long time” at the start of her pregnancy, so her delayed announcement about the baby whose gender she knows but will reveal in a separate video was postponed until she felt comfortable.

Her baby bump is currently “not too big at the moment,” and she shared with fans how it felt to hear the child’s heartbeat for the first time.

“That was literally so cool because it’s like, mad to think that there’s literally another like, life inside of you,” Brownlee said. “So that was super cool.”

Brownlee first appeared on television in 2011 when she and her younger cousin Rosie, now 16, performed Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” on Ellen. They went viral for an online video shortly before appearing on the daytime talk show, which now has over 55 million views on YouTube, where they also did the same.

Back in May, as the Ellen DeGeneres Show came to an end, the teens returned to the stage to perform the song that made them famous. Between their first and final appearances, the duo has appeared on Ellen’s show more than 30 times in the last ten years.

“As a child, I always used to play dress up. So did me and Rosie,” Sophia said during their last stint on the show, explaining how the video came to be.

“I was dressing up, and Rosie’s favorite costume happened to be The Virgin Mary — you know, Mary and Jesus.” Since she “kept singing Nicki Minaj all the time,” Rosie’s mother decided to pull out her iPhone and record the two’s rendition of the rap queen’s hit.

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