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Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Conservative Guest For Daring To Say Americans Are Worried About Inflation, Not Jan. 6: “All right, I heard you!”

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Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Conservative Guest For Daring To Say Americans Are Worried About Inflation, Not Jan. 6: “All right, I heard you!”

On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg screamed back at conservative guest host Lindsey Granger, apparently outraged by Granger’s claim that rising gas and food prices were more “top of mind” issues for many Americans than the upcoming January 6th hearings.

Granger jumped right into the discussion on the ABC midday talk show, arguing that while Americans would certainly tune in if the Justice Department found a smoking gun or brought charges against any of the elected officials they planned to depose in the hearings, they might spend more time and energy feeding their families until then, as per Daily wire reported.


“All right, I heard you!” Whoopi shuts down guest host Lindsey Granger for daring to suggest that the average American *just might* be more concerned about food and gas prices than another play-by-play of January 6. 

Granger began by saying she could see why some people weren’t interested in watching the Committee hearings on live television on January 6th, asking, “What’s the smoking gun here?” “What’s the latest breaking news?”

She went on to suggest that if real charges were filed against whoever was found to have organized the incident on Capitol Hill on January 6th, people would pay close attention.

“Then if we think about the actual intention of this, there’s a sentiment that Democrats need to re-brand this midterm message, right? So by airing this, they’re going to remind everybody like, hey, Trump is aligned with other conservatives — even though that’s not always true, there’s plenty of people that spoke out against this — and so now, reminder, don’t vote for these people in the midterms, because you want to keep the majority,” Granger continued, calling that “a losing message by looking in the past and not looking to the future.”

Then she pivoted to say that what Americans really wanted was for someone to address their immediate future and how they could reduce the inflation that was impacting everyone daily. “There are things on top of mind for people. There are things like feeding your baby, which I talked about yesterday. There are things on top of my mind like people wanting to know a recession is looming. There are things on top of mind like wondering how to pay for your gas.”

“I think Americans are smart enough – I think Americans smart enough to be able to have more than one thought in their head about what’s going on,” Goldberg interrupted, and when Granger pushed back, Goldberg shouted over her. “Hold on, now you just — alright, I heard you. Alright, I understand.”

Goldberg went on to insist that Americans were also thinking about January 6th. “We also want to know that when we go to sleep we’re not going to wake up in some new country,” she added.

“When you raise the thing about – people have more — they are thinking about their meals, inflation, baby formula, I agree, and then I stop and say without a democracy this could so easily become what Ukraine is going through, what Russia is going through right now, it could get worse,” Sara Haines added.

Granger’s remarks echoed those of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who made a similar case on “The View” last fall.

Sec. @CondoleezzaRice: “Our institutions have to be upheld.”

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