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Ivanka Trump Not ‘Talkative’, But Helpful In Jan. 6 Probe



Ivanka Trump Not ‘Talkative’, But Helpful In Jan. 6 Probe

Ivanka Trump gave evidence before the Jan 6 on Tuesday. 6 committees that I inquired about previous year’s US capitol uproar in which her dad Donald Trump’s promoters attempted to overturn his failure in the presidential election.

The committee’s chairman, Bennie Thompson, said on Tuesday afternoon that she was not “chatty,” but had been answering investigators’ questions on a video teleconference since the morning. She had been helpful, and Thompson said that she “came in on her own” and did not have to be subpoenaed, reported The Guardian.

A source told Reuters that her testimony started on Tuesday morning and ended around 6 pm. The 40-year-old was asked for her account of her father’s activities as the crisis unfolded last year, reported BBC.

The prior senior white house advisor was one of several assistants who evidently attempted to persuade Trump to stop the violence.

Ivanka is on the panel of more than 800 witnesses that is interviewed so far in response to the inquiry. She is the eldest child of Trump speaks to the committee and of the closest people to the former US President.

There is still doubt that whether she gave the committee new information or not, but her settlement to collaboration was sufficient for the committee. The panel of 9 members had been attempting to achieve an interview with Ivanka since last January.

The committee wants to know what Trump was doing as his supporters broke into the Capitol and interrupted the certification of Joe Biden’s victory. During the process, lawmakers and staff fled for their lives. While Ivanka’s testimony took place in private, public hearings are expected to happen in May.

Ivanka’s testimony came after that of her husband, Jared Kushner, who is a fellow former presidential adviser. He spoke to the committee for more than six hours last week. Kushner’s testimony was described as “helpful” by a Democratic member of the committee.

After his testimony, Jamie Raskin, a Democratic member of the committee, said that there’s a “momentum to this process when there’s cooperation.” The member added that when people see that “others are doing the right thing, it gives them the courage to do the right thing.”

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