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What Does Kamala Harris’s Interview Responses Actually Mean? Body Language Expert Reveals

Kamala Harris


What Does Kamala Harris’s Interview Responses Actually Mean? Body Language Expert Reveals

What Does Kamala Harris’s Interview Responses Actually Mean? Body Language Expert Reveals

It is claimed that when people are put under strain, their character and what they are “made of” are revealed.

As a result of its ineptness, the Biden administration is coming under increased criticism. While they try to conceal behind words, their body language reveals what they are actually going through.

In her recent interview with NBC’s Craig Melvin on the “Today” show, Kamala Harris’ facial expressions were reviewed by former US Army interrogator and body language specialist Gregory Hartley and Newsmax presenter Grant Stinchfield.
Hartley remarked on Harris’ obvious surprise at the questions she was asked.

“Why has the administration not been able to get Senate Democrats on board?” Kamala was asked during a discussion on voting rights legislation.

“We are not giving up,” she stated emphatically.

“Why has it taken this long?” Melvin asked, seemingly unsatisfied with her response.

“We don’t give up, and we will not give up,” Harris said, although Hartley remarked that her demeanor contradicted the confidence she tried to project.

“There’s an automatic redirect,” Hartley pointed out. “You will see her face start to hold her forehead up to ask for approval, and you see her blink rate increase, which indicates fight-or-flight.”

Hartley also gave insight into what Kamala’s lips revealed.

“Her lips compress to hold back some kind of information, and then she purses her lips to condemn.” He went on to indicate he has seen this from her before. “It’s classic Kamala Harris.”

Stinchfield pressed Hartley: “Is she acting?”

Hartley responded, “She might actually be surprised he asked her that question because it is a tough question for her.”

When Melvin offered Kamala as Biden’s running partner for 2024, he remarked that she avoided eye contact.

“She stammers as she tries to navigate what to say,” Hartley said. “When you’re feeling stressed, you lose your cadence, your normal cadence, and you lose your ability to structure language.”

Hartley went on to say, “That would roll off my tongue if I knew I was going to be the running mate in 2024. I would say, ‘Eh, there is nothing to that. That’s just garbage’ and just push it aside. You didn’t see that. You saw stress, and you saw her blink rate go through the roof. Good indicators that something is going on inside her body.”

H.R. 5746 is the voting legislation bill now being discussed in Congress.

It is manipulatively named “Freedom to Vote,” and in an attempt to curb its appeal, it was put under the “NASA Enhanced Use Leasing Extension Act of 2021.”

On January 13th, the House agreed to a Senate amendment, and a move to reconsider the vote has been filed.

Since the bill was first proposed in late October, it has been a lengthy and tenacious battle.

Democrats are tenacious, but their dishonesty puts them on the wrong side of history.

Any favorable aspects of the bill, such as designating Election Day as a federal holiday, are easily offset by the bill’s plans to expand mail-in voting and same-day voter registration.

Both mail-in voting and registration beyond the deadline resulted in significant discrepancies in the 2020 election, as well as a lack of transparency in general.

As per Ijr, democrats would not have to hide if they were honest and supported policies that promote the freedoms that Americans enjoy. This is not the case, and they have had to use alternative methods to achieve their goals.

Deception and inconsistency are not the paths of liberty, but progressive liberals frequently use them as a strategy.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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