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Trump Used Secret Service Agent’s Phone to Contact his Wife after Being Accused of Adultery

Donald Trump and Melania Trump


Trump Used Secret Service Agent’s Phone to Contact his Wife after Being Accused of Adultery

After being accused of adultery by the adult movie star, former US President Donald Trump used the phone of a Secret Service agent to try to contact his wife.

After the 2018 adult film star Stormy Daniels reported forced him to commit adultery with her, CNN reported on February 13 that former US President Donald Trump used a Secret Service agent’s phone to try to contact his wife, former US First Lady Melania Trump.

Mr. Trump does not want his phone calls to be answered. So, the former president often used the phone of a close aide or a Secret Service agent if he needed to make a call.

As per Blogtuan, Mr. Trump was playing golf when the Ms. Daniels scandal was reported by the media. According to a source, the former president dialed his wife’s number, but she did not answer. Mr. Trump then attempted to contact his wife via a secret service phone. Mrs. Trump took the phone call.

Sheet The Wall Street Journal It was reported in January 2018, it was revealed that Trump had negotiated a $130,000 transfer to keep Daniels, an adult film actress whose actual name is Stephanie Clifford, from publicizing allegations that he had an affair with her before the election. The presidential election of 2016.

Ms. Daniels claims she had sex with Mr. Trump in 2006, a year after he married Melania Trump and the birth of their youngest son, Barron Trump.

The evidence about Mr. Trump’s usage of the Secret Service agent’s phone comes as part of the House Committee on Investigations’ investigation into the former president’s call history in relation to the incident in Congress on January 6, 2021. The committee discovered discrepancies in the White House’s official call logs.

The House Investigative Committee, on the other hand, discovered no evidence that “the call logs were tampered with or deleted.” The former president made a habit of using his advisors’ phones, according to the committee.

The committee discovered “unusual” gaps between Trump’s conversations on January 1, from the time he arrived at the White House after the rally to the time the former president spoke at the meeting, according to CNN sources. The Rose Garden is mentioned, as is the riot.

CNN also said that the US National Archives and Records Administration may find new call logs on the phones of White House aides or other West Wing workers to bridge existing vulnerabilities.

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