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Trump’s Boast at NRA Convention Sparks Outrage from Gun Control Advocates



Trump’s Boast at NRA Convention Sparks Outrage from Gun Control Advocates

Former President Donald Trump’s recent boast at an NRA convention that his administration “did nothing” regarding stricter gun laws has ignited outrage among gun control advocates and those affected by mass shootings during his tenure.

Trump’s proud proclamation that he did not “yield” to pressure for stricter gun laws has drawn fierce condemnation on social media, especially from Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was killed in the 2018 Parkland school shooting.

Guttenberg took to Twitter to express his anger, writing, “Donald Trump just told the truth when he said ‘during my 4 years we did nothing.’ During his 4 years, my daughter was murdered in the Parkland shooting. During his 4 years, violent crime and gun violence spiked. Fortunately, we now have @POTUS Joe Biden.

Violent crime and gun violence are on the decline. Oh, and this is happening without the 2A being under attack and without the delusional MAGA claim of people coming for guns. Donald, go back to Bible selling. You failed my family. You failed America. Your time to inflict your Carnage across America is over.”

Other users on social media echoed Guttenberg’s sentiments. One user, @SpnShari, expressed deep frustration, stating, “I can’t even watch past the ‘we did nothing’ part. I hate him so much. My mom always said hate is a strong word, save it for those who deserve it. He deserves it.” Another user, @MayoIsSpicyy, called Trump a “monster,” while @alfano60111 claimed, “There is no end to his depravity.” A Biden supporter’s account tweeted, “BREAKING: Donald Trump is currently bragging about doing nothing to save children from school shootings. Retweet so all Americans know the depth of Donald Trump’s depravity.”

While Trump insisted that his administration took no action on gun control, the reality is more nuanced. He did implement a ban on bump stocks following the Las Vegas massacre, but he also rolled back Obama-era policies, such as background checks for those with mental illnesses, according to The Daily Beast. Although he initially suggested support for gun control measures after the Parkland shooting, he allegedly backpedaled under pressure from the NRA and the gun lobby.

Despite Trump’s close ties to the NRA, the organization has entered the 2024 election cycle severely weakened by financial scandals, leadership turmoil, and declining influence. The group recently settled a corruption case in New York, and experts question its ability to significantly boost Trump’s campaign as it did in 2016 when it spent over $30 million supporting him, as reported by CNN.

Nevertheless, Trump stood by the embattled NRA at their convention, urging members to get active and vote. He vowed to undo any Biden administration gun restrictions if re-elected, including a proposed lead ammunition ban for hunting on federal lands. In contrast, President Biden has embraced new gun safety measures, such as the bipartisan legislation strengthening background checks passed after the Uvalde shooting. Biden has championed additional executive actions and called for an assault weapons ban, earning praise from gun control advocates.

As the debate over gun control continues, Trump’s remarks at the NRA convention highlight the deep divisions in the country on this critical issue. His comments have reignited a fierce debate about gun laws and the responsibilities of leaders in addressing the epidemic of gun violence.

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