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NFL Fans React to Tom Brady’s Divorce Announcement


NFL Fans React to Tom Brady’s Divorce Announcement

The 45-year-old veteran quarterback has faced several challenges both on and off the football, but particularly off the field.

According to The Spun, Brady and his long-term wife, Gisele Bundchen, divorced earlier this season. They’d been married for almost a decade and had two children together.

Brady revealed this week that he’s had to “overcome” a lot of “obstacles” during his divorce season.

“I think that’s a, it’s a good point. And I think, you know, we all are going through stuff, you know, we’re people and we’re all going through stuff, and obviously, we’re all professionals and we wanna show up to work and do our best. And when you’re a professional, that’s what professional means,” Brady said on his podcast with Jim Gray.

This season has brought a lot of attention to Brady and the Buccaneers.

“I think our team, you know, there’s a lot of outside noise and I know people [say], ‘Tom, you should have retired. You should have done this, you should have done that.’ You know, and that’s okay. People can have a lot of feelings or opinions and so forth. But I think, for me, there’s always gratification when you make this commitment and you have a group of individuals that do the same and you see something pay off,” Brady added.

“That’s what life’s about. A lot of resilience, overcoming different obstacles over the course of the year, and then ultimately coming together for a common goal. That’s why I love team sports. I always say, do you care about your team and the people on your team? And do you care about the mission? And that’s what makes a great teammate to me.”

Fans are not sympathetic to Brady’s situation.

“Poor baby,” one fan wrote.

“Don’t care,” one fan added.

Other fans, on the other hand, are impressed by Brady’s performance this season.

“The obstacles Brady has overcome this year with this train wreck has been a miracle,” one fan added.

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