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GWM Pickup Awarded the Latest strict A-NCAP five-star Safety Rating


GWM Pickup Awarded the Latest strict A-NCAP five-star Safety Rating

Australian Independent Vehicle Safety Authority A-NCAP SAFETY announced in Melbourne that all double-cab GWM Ute built from August 1st, 2021 will receive an A-NCAP safety rating of 5 stars. The Ute has been rated according to the current and strictest test criteria of the A-NCAP for 2020-2022 and offers a high level of safety for occupants and other road users. The GWM Pickup (also known as POER, P-Series, Cannon Ute) is the third vehicle in its segment to receive 5 stars according to the latest protocols.

The GWM-Pickup performed well in the A-NCAP tests: it achieved full points in the side-impact and side-impact tests (both for adults and children), full points in the tests for the functionality of the active lane departure warning system, good Values ​​for driver protection in frontal collisions and a high level of protection in whiplash accidents with rear impact.

GWM has demonstrated its dedication and commitment to providing the ultimate in safety to its customers by rapidly making improvements to its pickup models, and providing a safer vehicle to its customers around the world,” said a spokesman for GWM.

Australia A-NCAP has a very sophisticated rating system and is one of the strictest safety certification agencies in the world. In 2020, the A-NCAP standard was revised again after only two years and brought into line with the ENCAP standards. We appreciate the development work of the GWM research team and are pleased that with the concept of ‘intelligent security in mind, the GWM-Pickup performed particularly well with the ADAS functions that are included in the entire product range, such as SAS, AEB, LDW, and LKA,” added Charles Zhao, Managing Director of GWM Australia.

As one of the three largest pickup markets in the world, Australia is a cultural mecca for lifestyle pickup enthusiasts. Whether in the sparsely populated Australian outback or on the thousands of kilometers long Great Ocean Road – off-road lovers will always find their favorite spot here. The recognition from Australian consumers is solid evidence of the quality of the GWM pickup.

Since its launch overseas, the GWM Pickup has always put safety first, especially its outstanding performance in the field of intelligent safety. It shows the tireless efforts of the GWM for the future of the automobile and its firm course in improving safety. GWM Ute will continue to lead the development of pickups in the world and set the standard for technological innovation in the industry.

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