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Huge Rare Snake Found in California’s Man’s Couch

Alex Trejo


Huge Rare Snake Found in California’s Man’s Couch

A 7-feet-long Vietnamese blue beauty rat snake discovered by the California man curled up on his couch.

Alex Trejo owner of snake removal service So-Cal Rattlesnake removal and who often receives the calls in this regard told KGTV in a broadcast that he arrived at the home in Lakeside, San Diego, after receiving a scary voiced call from the owner of the home.

However, he said this blue beauty snake is a “rare find.”

“You would be more likely to find a Rolex sitting on the ground than you would a snake-like this,” he told KGTV.

The snake, called cave racer is local to eastern and southeastern districts of Asia. It prioritizes tropical forests and caves and can expand up to 8 feet long. It is valid to keep the snakes as pets, and Trejo told KGTV that this one must have got away from its owner. It is ambiguous how it came to be curled up on the couch.

The snake appeared disturbed after the snake catcher eliminated it from the couch Alex the critter catcher via Story-full.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram page, Trejo can be seen quarreling with the big snake, holding it by the tail.

At the beginning of the footage, Trejo reveals to the camera where the snake had been sneaking on the corner of the couch.

“You won’t believe what snake this is, this is absolutely insane,” Trejo says in the video. “This is incredible, I can’t believe this snake is in this home.”

The head of the snake can be seen poised towards Trejo as he removes the snake from the couch and lifts it by the tail.

“I don’t even know what to do right now,” Trejo tells the camera.

As Trejo tries to gently shift the snake’s head, it rushes towards him, cutting the snake catcher off mid-sentence.

The snake is not venomous but has a powerful bite. It did not manage to bite Trejo but snagged his T-shirt.

“Look how big this snake is guys,” he says to the camera. “I don’t know how it got in the house, now this snake is unhappy, you can see him opening his mouth.”

In the video, the snake catcher says he has “no clue” where the snake came from, as it is not native to the state.

Following the rescue, Trejo discovered that the snake was ill with an upper respiratory infection. This was most likely caused by it being outside a controlled surrounding, in a foreign climate.

Trejo told KGTV it is now being treated by one of his friends who specializes in exotic animals.

“We really are keeping our fingers crossed hoping the snake makes it,” he told KGTV.

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