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The student uses Chat GPT to write a paper and gets a zero


The student uses Chat GPT to write a paper and gets a zero

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and Chat GPT in a variety of areas, some people are facing some of the downsides of the new technology.

Refiloe Majola (@refiloe_majola) shared a video of a term paper that received a zero score since it was found to be entirely AI-generated.


Ask ai yalona😭😹

♬ original sound – Refiloe Majola

“Whatever happened to paraphrase bro,” replied @maboya_.

This might happen to a number of children as they integrate Chat GPT more into their everyday life.

“Letting Chat GPT control a college day in my life,” wrote @thebeekid in her caption. She did exactly what the caption said and had Chat GPT pick her study routine, meals, and workouts.

Teachers on TikTok have also shown their ways to determine whether papers were authored by the student.

A college history professor, @lilmaverick3, wrote a post on how, a service that helps her identify plagiarism, has beefed up its artificial intelligence detection software.

Over 10 million people watched @refiloe_majola’s video, and several comments taught people how to avoid detection technology.

“Chat GPT + Grammerly + Proof Read = Unstoppable,” said @swreveyt.

“Go to and find the undetectable ai feature,” said @oageng4.

This isn’t the first time a student used Chat GPT and received a low grade.

“Me after failing an assignment I wrote using Chat GPT,” said @okaythando while using a viral and sarcastic, “I’m devastated” sound.

With incidents like these happening and online academic websites starting to filter for AI-created content, students may have difficulty utilizing Chat GPT for schoolwork in the future.

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