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Britney Spears Shares Sunbathing Video to Reveal She’s Battling ‘Stomach Bug’ Giving Her Nausea Similar To What She Experienced When Pregnant


Britney Spears Shares Sunbathing Video to Reveal She’s Battling ‘Stomach Bug’ Giving Her Nausea Similar To What She Experienced When Pregnant

The ‘Toxic’ singer shared a steamy video on Instagram to highlight how much weight she’s lost as a result of the bug.

Britney Spears is soaking up the sun in Hawaii as she battles a stomach bug that has her experiencing symptoms similar to being pregnant.

The “Toxic” singer shared a series of images from her Maui trip with longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari on Monday. She expressed her displeasure with the paparazzi attempting to take unflattering images of her in a bikini on their hotel balcony in the caption of the post.

“I know my body is not perfect by any means but I also know I definitely don’t look like that!!!!” she wrote. “Guess I should stay at the gym for 3 hours like Sam does lol … NEVER.”

She then shared a video of herself on her balcony, sunbathing in a yellow thong bikini. She was able to show off her tight figure and explain that she has this sickness to thank for it, in addition to showing off the amazing view she and Asghari share while on their journey.

She confessed in the video’s commentary that she’s been working out practically nonstop to combat a “small bug” that’s been giving her nausea similar to what she experienced when pregnant.

“I think I have a small bug … the only thing that is similar to this feeling is when I was pregnant,” she wrote. “It’s the nausea that is the worst.”

Spears added: “It’s like I can’t wake up so I go to the gym trying to wake my system up !!! It’s like clock work … I break my first sweat then I go to the bathroom and throw up… it’s absolutely horrible but then I stay at the gym because I don’t want to go home and lay sick in bed …. I keep going and night I go dancing and my system starts to get clarity … Dude … this has been going on for a month and if someone has this you’re not alone.”

As per Foxnews, the actress also claims to have shed two pounds since getting herself in this cycle of sickness and exercise. Despite her weight loss, she maintained that journalists are camped out outside her balcony, seeking to capture a photo of her looking overweight.

“I should be able to run around naked if I choose to,” she concluded. “Have a good day folks !!! I will say I am grateful for the food in Maui and this cool hotel … I just wish the sneaky paps would f— off.”

Spears’ illness and media scrutiny come amid a public spat with her sister, Jamie Lynn, over Jamie Lynn’s new book “Things I Should Have Said,” which exposes Britney and her very controversial conservatorship, as well as other family
secrets. In a spat that Britney previously described as “tacky,” the two have been sparring back and forth.

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