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Watch: Wendy Williams makes an unusual remark about health and well-being in a new video: I’m doing OK


Watch: Wendy Williams makes an unusual remark about health and well-being in a new video: I’m doing OK

Wendy Williams expresses herself in a video posted on her new Instagram account.

A representative for the talk show host, who has been MIA from her eponymous show due to health issues and is battling Wells Fargo over her mental stability, shared a video of Williams walking on a Florida beach and discussing her break from the spotlight.

“I’m doing OK, ya know?” Williams said to her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., who apparently recorded the five-minute chat. “It’s very peaceful being here.”

The star, who tapes her Wendy Williams Show in New York, has been recovering in Miami from her illness, which has been associated with the autoimmune disorder Graves’ disease. She shares an apartment with her only son and receives outpatient “holistic” treatments, sometimes arriving at wellness centers in her bathrobe and san shoes. She stated that she had extended family who lived nearby.

Williams stated in the video that she goes for daily beach walks at 8 a.m. and then goes to the gym. She then watches television and calls friends and family. She also stated that she does “some business I do call business affairs” despite reports that she has not yet spoken to the producers of the show bearing her name in months. There have been guest hosts, with Sherri Shepherd reportedly bargaining to serve as a “permanent guest host” for the rest of Season 13.
Williams only made a passing reference to her break from showbiz, agreeing with Hunter that she was on one.

“Yeah, this is my break from New York,” she said, though still repping the Yankees with her ball cap as her long locks blew all over from the beach breeze.

“Everybody’s got issues, don’t they?” she said when talking about how she’s focused on taking better care of herself as far as diet and wellness. “At 56 years old, there are things that happen to people,” she said without getting specific. “Things usually start about 40 and they go up from there.”

To people praying for her and wondering about her, Williams vowed, “I am going back stronger … I want to be all I can be and then get back to New York and get on down with the Wendy Williams Show.”

As the video ended, Williams went for a solo walk down the beach, suggesting, without saying anything, that she is not an “incapacitated person.”

That is what her Wells Fargo bank claims. Lori Schiller, Williams’ now-former financial advisor, was behind the bank freezing millions of dollars of the TV star’s money, claiming the TV star is “of unsound mind” and needs guardianship. (In New York, guardianship is a legal arrangement in which a court grants a person the authority to make decisions for another person who is unable to make decisions for themselves. The arrangement is known as conservatorship in some states, such as California, where Britney Spears was famously placed.)

An attorney for Wells Fargo said William’s s money was frozen because the bank “has strong reason to believe that [she] is the victim of undue influence and financial exploitation.” She was described as an “incapacitated person.” It’s not specified who is allegedly exploiting Williams.

Over the weekend, Williams’s attorney issued a statement saying the TV host “wants the world to know that she strenuously denies all allegations about her mental health and well-being.” In Williams’s affidavit, she called Schiller a “disgruntled” former employee.

Williams apparently has a new Instagram account (@therealwendywilliamsonline) separate from her show, which debuted in 2008. That’s where this new video was shared. So was a second video, showing the same beach stroll, but that one had the caption: “Are you ready? She’s back!!!”

Williams’s publicist Shawn Zanotti said the new Instagram is a place for fans to send the star “positive messages, energy, and affirmations.”

“She thanks everyone who has been patiently awaiting her return and believes that thanks in large part to the love and support of her son, her family, her new team of doctors, and a change of scenery, she is on the mend,” Zanotti added.

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