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Prince William Reportedly Once Suggested Princess Diana Leave the U.K.


Prince William Reportedly Once Suggested Princess Diana Leave the U.K.

Princess Diana appeared to be accustomed to the flashbulbs, the gaggle of photographers that followed her every move and putting on a grin for her supporters and enemies alike as one of the most photographed people in the world.

However, royal photographer Arthur Edwards revealed in Diana: Last Days of a Princess, a new documentary, that she briefly considered leaving the United Kingdom to get away from it all.

Prince William, according to the Daily Express, proposed a move away from the chaos. The princess announced the news at a candid moment with photographers, according to Edwards, however royal fans know it never happened.

“Suddenly, she strode down some steps and very rapidly got into a boat,” he recalled. “I remember picking up the camera, and she said, ‘No pictures.’ It looked like she wanted to speak to us. She came over and said, ‘Why are you here?'”

When the photographers replied, “Because you are here, ma’am,” Edwards said her statement shocked them all.

“William’s told me that I should leave England and go and live somewhere else,” she said. Edwards noted that she looked emotional and was “obviously upset about something.”

“I thought, ‘I don’t want to be the reason why she’s going to live in exile,'” Edwards said.

As per Yahoo, in her book Kate: The Future Queen, royal biographer Katie Nicholl also mentioned William’s reaction to photographers.

Nicholl said, “[William] had seen firsthand how his mother had been harassed by the paparazzi and was determined that Kate not be subjected to the same treatment,” indicating that William was well aware of what could happen to his wife if the royals’ relationship with the press did not change.

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