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Controversy Shadows Medal of Honor Ceremony as Biden Exits Early

Biden Exits Early Medal Honor Ceremony


Controversy Shadows Medal of Honor Ceremony as Biden Exits Early

Tuesday’s Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House took an unexpected turn when President Biden left the East Room prematurely. The event was intended to commend Vietnam War veteran, and retired Army Capt. Larry Taylor, 81, for his gallant service, quickly became a subject of contention.

The moment Biden, aged 80, placed the prestigious military medal around Capt. Taylor’s neck, he took his leave without waiting for the concluding benediction from Chaplain Brig. Gen. William Green Jr.

The incident did not sit lightly, especially within the military community. Shawn Ryan, a former Navy SEAL and podcast presenter, candidly expressed his concerns about Biden’s perceived repeated slights. Drawing a parallel, Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-Texas) referred to a previous incident when Biden was noticed glancing at his watch during a ceremony for the US troops fallen in the 2021 Kabul attack.

The abrupt exit raised eyebrows and led to debates: Was it intentional or another one of the president’s public missteps? Tim Harmsen, Gun Owners of America State Director for Indiana, publicly pondered the president’s intent on social media. To add to the intrigue, the White House’s official ceremony video concludes right as Biden leaves, excluding the chaplain’s final prayer.

The White House remained silent despite inquiries from The Post.

Behind the controversy, the real hero of the day, Capt. Taylor was recognized for his audacious heroics during a 1968 confrontation in Vietnam. Demonstrating valor, Taylor not only assaulted the enemy with his helicopter amidst fierce gunfire but also astonishingly employed his Cobra helicopter to rescue a US patrol, marking a first in war history.

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