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Tucker Carlson presents Biden’s biggest blunders: ‘What did he just say?’

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Tucker Carlson presents Biden’s biggest blunders: ‘What did he just say?’

‘Tucker Carlson Originals: The Joe Biden Christmas Special’ is streaming now, exclusively on Fox Nation. This Christmas, enjoy cocoa and watch Fox Nation’s latest Tucker Carlson Originals program, ‘The Joe Biden Christmas Special.’

Carlson describes Americans in the second year of the Biden administration as “poor and unhappy as they have ever been,” and discusses how open drug use has affected major cities, alluding to the “wafting aroma of methamphetamine on our streets.”

While America has suffered almost two years of rising expenses, crime spikes, and a raging border crisis, Carlson remarked that Biden’s administration has also been defined by several memorable gaffes.

Among the highlights of the episode is the infamous Biden bike ride during which the president tumbled, Biden confusing his wife for his sister, and the commander-in-chief describing little kids touching his leg hair in the swimming pool.

Biden has often been caught on camera repeating teleprompter instructions and cues, including his famous “end of quote, repeat the line.”

Let us not forget that Biden has expressed his support for American-made items, stating, “Let me start with two words: made in America.”

Carlson also made a point of including Biden’s confusing speeches and interviews, in which he looked to struggle with numbers at times.

For example, when discussing how many Americans have been infected with COVID-19 in a speech, Biden gave a rather confusing amount as answer: “Six thousand, three hundred and forty-four thousand seven hundred.”

And, of course, remembering “Sleepy Joe’s” most memorable moments would be difficult without recalling pictures of the President appearing to fall asleep during interviews and meetings.

Tucker Carlson’s original ‘The Joe Biden Christmas Special’ is now available on Fox Nation for streaming.

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