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Trump Appeared In A News Show and Thought He’s Still President Claimed People


Trump Appeared In A News Show and Thought He’s Still President Claimed People

Donald Trump has lost all reputable social media platforms to express himself because nobody will read it, the disgraced ex-president is left with very few ways to get his “voice” out there these days. Frequently, he spoke about his absurd “official” accounts or he takes to whatever Conservative news channel he can get used to, that will have him.

And meanwhile, he and Fox News appear to be complaining outside of Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, it seems the ex-president is breaking out a little now.

Just, he called in for a phone interview with the right-wing Newsmax outlet, where he smashed out his typical crazy and even threw a rather foul attack counter to his own Joint Chiefs Chairman, Gen. Mark Milley after Milley ventured to protect teaching serious race theory to military officers something Trump is insanely contrary to.

One of the Newsmax masses interrogated the former president on whether he supposed it was time to “break up big tech,” and Trump replied as however, he has the control to do whatever.

“Well, watch next week because you’ll see me do something about big tech,” Trump responded, “and people have wanted me to do it a long time, and it won’t be too surprising, they don’t love me to talk about it. But watch what I do next week on big tech. I think you’ll find it to be very interesting.”

Donald Trump doesn’t have the power to harm others. The polinews said that you can bet your bottom dollar that social media was quick to point that out:

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