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Britney Spears responds to her Mother’s comments about wanting her to be happy

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Britney Spears responds to her Mother’s comments about wanting her to be happy

Britney Spears‘ legal situation may have improved after the judge decided in November that her 13-year conservatorship was no longer required. The same cannot be said, however, of her family connections in the years that followed. She has openly criticized the majority of her relatives for their apparent involvement in the legally binding agreement, including her mother Lynne, sister Jamie Lynn, and father Jamie. Spears’ mother recently expressed her desire for her to be content in the present, but the pop star reportedly gave the statement a skeptical answer.

Lynne Spears Reacts To Her Wedding Snub

The 40-year-old was finally permitted to marry her longtime partner, Sam Asghari, on June 9, something that the conservatorship apparently always forbade. Countless celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, and Selena Gomez, to mention a few, were invited, and the BTS wedding footage displayed a truly spectacular, fairytale event. Lynne Spears and the rest of the family were not among those who received an invitation. In the wake of the rejection, Page Six got a video of the paparazzi interviewing the estranged mother. She simply responded at the moment by saying:

I just want her to be happy.

The matriarch of the Spears family concurred shortly after the social media announcement of the wedding. Britney Spears’ mother gushed over how “radiant” and “happy” she appeared to be from the outside looking in on one of her Instagram photos about her wedding. She continued by calling the historic event that was going place at the home of the former X Factor judge “sentimental and special.” Although her kid didn’t respond to her in the comments, she still seems to have something to say to her.

Britney Spears Responds To Her Mom’s Well Wishes

On June 25, the former actress uploaded a fresh video to Instagram. Sam Asghari, her future husband, is heavily featured in it. Various perspectives and angles of their booty-grabbing newlywed happiness aboard their private plane are presented. Interestingly enough, Britney Spears captioned it, “Am I happy enough mamma???” View the complete post here:

To me, it definitely sounds like shade. If Lynne Spears and I are interpreting this correctly, Britney is apparently giving some not-so-subtle indications that she is completely happy with her life as it is right now, with the extra benefit of not having anyone’s direct permission for it either. Of then, I might just be misinterpreting her.

Britney Spears Has Had A Number Of Family Feuds As Of Late

For some time now, the mother and daughter have been at odds. The pop star’s father announced his decision to resign as conservator and said Lynne Spears hasn’t been active in the Grammy winner’s life for the past 12 years. At one point, Britney launched into a passionate tirade about her mother, telling her to “go fuck herself” and claiming that Lynne was the one who had first proposed the conservatorship.

The situation only got worse in April when her mother asked the judge for money to cover the legal costs incurred in her battle to have the conservatorship lifted. Britney’s legal team replied that there was “no legal basis” for the request.

Jamie Lynn Spears has also been subject to verbal abuse from her famous sister, particularly after the former Zoey 101 star received a book deal and subsequently wrote a lengthy account of Britney’s predicament. Online arguments about the allegedly “true” story have been ongoing, with Britney repeatedly labeling her sibling “scum” in response to suggestions that she was unaware of how the conservatorship handled her. To add to the family drama, Britney is currently pursuing significant legal action against her father for his alleged behavior while under the conservatorship.

Alas, there’s the old saying that you can’t choose your family. Britney Spears obviously couldn’t and, Based on her apparent response to her mom and other recent developments, she’s evidently not going to anymore.

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