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Meghan Markle shows off $100k ring at Prince Harry’s Invictus Games


Meghan Markle shows off $100k ring at Prince Harry’s Invictus Games

Meghan Markle was accused of excessively displaying her wealth as she turned up to Prince Harry’s Invictus Games wearing a ring that cost nearly $100,000. 

Writing for RadarOnline royal commentator Daniela Elser noted the former Suits actress’ outfit when flying out to reunite with the Duke of Sussex and pointed out that she wore expensive pieces, in what she deemed to be an attention-stealing move. 

“While the duchess had flown out of Los Angeles wearing more than $10,000 worth of designer pieces, including toting an Hermès scarf and sporting now sold-out Valentino flats, for her first Invictus event she chose a $217 Banana Republic shirt dress.”

Despite choosing an inexpensive dress for the event, the Duchess of Sussex was noted to be wearing a pinky ring which was estimated to be worth nearly $100,000.

As per Elser, the decision to don the sparkler made the royal appear ‘arrogant’ as she pulled out the piece for a charitable event, which would not go unnoticed. 

“Immediately this situation called to mind the Sussexes’ highly successful Southern Africa tour in 2019 when the former actress wore a series of affordable pieces and eschewed anything designer in a very clever move to keep the focus on the actual work,” she said. 

“Except this time around, as Meghan did some beaming beside Harry in Dusseldörf she was also wearing a diamond pinky ring of mysterious provenance, which is reportedly valued at $96,000. (In 2021 the couple denied the piece had been made using a stone given to them as part of a gift of diamonds from someone in the Middle East.)

“Wherever the ring came from, whether the duchess was given it or paid full price, why bust it out now? There is something a little grating, something dissonant, about seeing such an extravagance, such a symbol of the extreme privilege of the Sussexes’ life, in the midst of a massive charitable effort,” she concluded. 

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