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Jerry Hall and Billionaire Rupert Murdoch Splitting after Six Years of Marriage

Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch


Jerry Hall and Billionaire Rupert Murdoch Splitting after Six Years of Marriage

The media mogul and Hall’s marriage is ending after six years together, which will be the 91-year-old’s fourth failed marriage.

Jerry Hall, a former supermodel, and Rupert Murdoch are getting a divorce.

After six years of marriage, the media magnate and the Hall are separating; this will be the 91-year-fourth old’s failed union. After a long relationship with Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, Hall got married for the first time.

Despite having been together for a very long time, Hall and the iconic lead singer never got married, according to the Mirror. They have four children together. Bryce Tom, a spokesman for the Murdoch family, declined to comment on the reports, and when the Daily Mirror inquired about Ms. Hall’s agent, the agent did not answer.

Murdoch has six children and a net worth of £14.5 billion. With his first wife Patricia Booker, he has a daughter named Prudence MacLeod; with his second wife Anna Mann, he has a daughter named Elisabeth and sons named Lachlan and James; and with his third wife Wendi Deng, he has a daughter named Chloe and a daughter named Grace, as per Daily Mail reported.

Although Murdoch and Hall did not have any children together, the specifics of their divorce are still unknown. Before they got hitched, it is unknown if a prenuptial agreement was made.

In March 2016 in the heart of London, Murdoch and Hall, 65, got married. The multi-billionaire recognized the event by declaring on Twitter that he would no longer be posting. He described to himself as “the luckiest and happiest man in the world.”

Murdoch is the owner of newspapers in his native Australia as well as The Sun and The Times in the UK, Fox News, and The Wall Street Journal in the United States. Shares of the companies he founded that belong to the Murdoch family are held in a controlled trust.

Lachlan, Elisabeth, James, and Prudence, Murdoch’s four oldest children, have voting rights in that trust with him, and he has set them up so that he will never lose a vote.

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