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Van Jones, Kim Kardashian Secretly Have ‘The Hots’ For Each Other?


Van Jones, Kim Kardashian Secretly Have ‘The Hots’ For Each Other?

Is Van Jones waiting anxiously for the right time to attempt “shooting his shot” with Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum Kim Kardashian? As per the facts of CNN analyst is in the making for Kardashian’s divorce from separated husband Kanye West to warm up before falling his heart out in the hopes of going out the trendsetter. Gossip Cop said.

As per Star, Van Jones is fairly involved in go out Kim Kardashian. He seemingly makes stronger this blaze on a new Ellen DeGeneres Show arrival where he heaped admiration upon the reality star, who works as an apprentice within Jones’ criminal justice reform organization. Now tabloids claim there’s an undeniable harmony between the two. A source said, “It’s Hollywood’s worst kept secret that they’ve got the hots for each other.”

The couple is just staying their time before going public until Kardashian’s divorce is confirmed. A source said, “It’s not as easy as snapping their fingers and hooking up for dates.” Kardashian also didn’t need passion to hinder her promising legal career. The story resolved with a source claiming, “Their friendship is also getting more solid by the day.”

This story overstresses what Jones told DeGeneres. He bragged about Kardashian’s legal chases, saying, “I think she’s going to be an unbelievable attorney and she’s already one of the best advocates that we have for criminal justice.” These differences of opinion are pleasing but as romantic as Star makes them out to be.

Jones and Kardashian have become a very popular pairing, all saying two are intended to be composed. As Gossip Cop has jagged out many times: they’re not dating. A rep for Kardashian told us on the greatest that there is “absolutely no truth” to this.

Moreover, Kardashian has personally denied that she’s dating Jones. In Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s reunion with Andy Cohen, she claimed she is not seeing Jones. She further said, “Van texted me and was like, ‘This rumor has gotten me so many dates and I’m so grateful.” This verifies precisely what we’ve been saying: Jones and Kardashian are friends, but there’s neither passion nor awaiting romance.

Star once requested Kardashian was going broke, but she’s a billionaire and put words in Kanye West’s mouth that “worst wife ever.” This isn’t precisely an upright source for Kardashian news.

Kardashian’s birthday meltdown is also debunked. Eventually, she’s a dupe for fake stories. While Kardashian is helping Jones get dates and not seeing him with herself. This rumor is untrue.

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